We mourn the loss of Lore Robinson

On June 23, 2024, our dear friend the former Jawne pupil Lore Robinson died at the age of 100.
We are so grateful that we could get to know her in 2009. Her visit to the Jawne Memorial and Educational Center in Cologne was the beginning of a long series of impressive encounters in Cologne and in London. Through Lore, we learnt a chapter of Jawne history from the perspective of a bright and self-confident student. She also told us a lot about her experience of the “Kindertransport” to England in 1939, growing up without her parents and coming to terms with Nazi history after 1945.

How good that our current exhibition also commemorates Lore. The poster for the exhibition shows her as a child in front of her parents’ house on Salierring, climbing up a rather dangerous fence. She was as courageous as in the photo even in her 80s, and even at the age of 100 she still radiated serenity and cheerfulness.

We mourn with the family.
Goodbye Lore, we will never forget you.

Lore Robinson, née Michel | January 29, 1924 – June 23, 2024
(Bild: Axel Joerss)