Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition “The children from the other schoolyard. The story of the Jawne 1919-1942” opened in 2007.

The history of the Jewish grammar school Jawne between 1919 and 1942 is central to the exhibition “The Children from the other schoolyard.” Beyond the history of the school, the focus lies on the history of Jewish childhood and youth in the Rhineland region.

The permanent exhibition at the Jawne Memorial and Educational Center (Photo: M. Paret)

The biographies of “Children from the Other Schoolyard” recount escape and emigration, the Kindertransport rescue mission to safe countries, and the Youth Aliyah emigration program that led to British Mandatory Palestine, the later Israel. They also tell about the end of the Jawne school and the deportation of children and teachers. The life stories of the students also tell of everyday life in Cologne, of family life and vacations, of youth groups and sporting events. They are about teaching in the Jawne and playing in the schoolyard, about friendship, dreams and plans for the future.

Modell der historischen Gedäude
Model of the historical site (Photo: M. Paret)